Jaipur 2011 – Always inspiring

First sight

I travelled to India when I was pregnant. This is not foolhardy if you take extra-precautions. I was extra careful about water (drinking only bottled water), eating only cooked vegetables, absolutely no ice, and eating chicken dishes only at home or at reputable restaurants.

One of the cities we visited during February (a lovely month to visit India) – was the royal city of Jaipur. This is one of my favorite cities, and not too far from my home-town of Delhi.

We stayed for a couple of nights at a haveli – the Shahpura House. Jaipur is teeming with havelis (former royal or aristocratic mansions), palaces and forts that have been converted by the owners into B&Bs. These are so grand and lovely, and the service impeccable. I would recommend that visitors try staying at a haveli for the local hospitality, rather than a typical corporate hotel. We found ours online here:
Some images of the Shahpura House:

Inside the Shahpura House

There are so many things to do and see in Jaipur. We visited the Jaipur Palace. Most striking are the intricately painted doors, depicting Indian seasons (winter, spring, summer, monsoon):

Spring door

Monsoon door

Jaipur Fort’s gardens and lake are inspiring, and the golden sandstone glows during sunsets.

Courtyard formal garden inside the Jaipur Fort

Intricately cut stone forms the bris-a-sol

Looking up at the Fort

Entry to the Fort

Another view

You can see out, but cannot be seen from without - perfect for the Palace ladies

Old beauty

Animals and people seem comfortable sharing space.

The ubiquitous snake charmer

Dog and monkey play together

Before we had SUVs


The cow owns the space

People, animals, birds and Americans relax by the lake

Shopping is amazing. Jaipur is the gem city of the world, and the variety of its handicrafts is astonishing.


Food is unique, fresh and flavorful.

Pile it on my plate, please

Can’t wait to go back….

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